How your past is stopping you from attracting more happiness...

It's time to finally live life without feeling like a slave to your past!  

Using a unique combination of proven techniques, I can teach you how to recognize the roots of fear, anxiety, regret, and other strong emotions, and process the strong feelings that have been stealing your happiness and joy for years. I'll show you how to get the lasting freedom you crave. 

Learn how to let stress flow through you and feel wonderful, inside and out.

Happy to meet you! I'm Beth. God has blessed me with a unique ability to help you recognize hidden spiritual blocks from your past that are standing in your way of happiness, peace, and success today. Since 2001, I've shown hundreds of individuals how to shed the weight of past baggage and LIVE LIFE FREE! Regardless of how past traumas have affected you to this point, my SWORD OF THE SPIRIT COACHING can help you shift and begin living an abundant life today!  

I'm  beth.

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"With Beth's support, I could successfully get outside of the emotion, rather than staying twirled up within it. Beth helped me to acknowledge emotions and set up to distance from them. Before working with Beth, I felt hopeless, and now with Beth’s guidance, I feel better equipped to manage stress and past hurts in a healthy way. I found Beth to be accessible, reliable and flexible, and I feel that she has a great deal of integrity."

Michele S.

What others are saying


What others are

"When I first met Beth, I struggled a lot with maintaining motivation and overcoming a well-practiced ability to self-sabotage. I feel so supported, cared for, and more confident as a result of working with Beth. With her depth of knowledge, variety of skills and techniques, and enormous heart to trust in, I am so excited to continue working with her and experiencing the ongoing, wonderful results inside and out!"

Cara D.