Victory over emotional eating is finally within your grasp 

 Without obsessing over diet, weight, or exercise.

Using a unique combination of proven techniques, I can show you how to eliminate cravings, feel great, and actually stick to the daily habits that will help you reach your goals--loving yourself and your life the whole way! 

 uncover and eliminate the hidden blocks that have been creating stress and sending you to the "cookie jar" again and again. 

Happy to meet you! I'm Beth. I help high-achieving women like you stop turning to food to manage stress. Like me and my clients, you can eliminate pesky cravings along with the guilt and stress that comes after you've stressed your way through a bag of chips, box of donuts, or bottle of wine.  I know what it's like to cringe when you look in the mirror or stand on the scale, and I know how great it feels to feel healthy and love my body. I've helped scores of women heal past hurts, eliminate emotional eating, and come up with healthy ways to manage stress. I'd love to help you, too!

I'm  beth.

Well Hello!

"With Beth's support, I could successfully get outside of the emotion that caused me to binge or stress-eat, rather than staying twirled up within it. Beth helped me to acknowledge emotions and set up to distance from them. Before working with Beth, I felt hopeless, and now with Beth’s guidance, I feel better equipped to manage my weight loss goals. I found Beth to be accessible, reliable and flexible, and I feel that she has a great deal of integrity."

Michele S.

What others are saying


What others are

"When I first met Beth, I struggled a lot with maintaining motivation and overcoming a well-practiced ability to self-sabotage. I feel so supported, cared for, and more confident as a result of working with Beth. With her depth of knowledge, variety of skills and techniques, and enormous heart to trust in, I am so excited to continue working with her and experiencing the ongoing, wonderful results inside and out!"

Cara D.

Eliminate Binging!