Do you feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of yelling, overwhelm, and emotional eating?

Each day/week/month you say you’ll start over, but yet you still get sucked back into old habits. You go from yelling and guilt, emotional eating, promises to do better, back to yelling and guilt, polishing off a bag of cookies or box of donuts, and wind up feeling hopeless. Sometimes when you hear yourself, you feel like you've become your mother. You feel your stress levels rise, and your jeans are getting tighter (or you just stick to leggings so you won’t notice!). You feel bad about yourself and worry that you’re a bad mom.

It doesn't have to be this way!  With my help, you can end this cycle NOW with proven techniques that work right away, so you’ll confidently stroll on over to the path of peaceful parenting, feeling great as a mom, with happy kids who listen and behave better more of the time. 




Two ways to work together!

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Epic Mom Mentorship-Total Transformation and Mom Makeover

Are you committed to make a total transformation in your stress-level, parenting, and/or emotional eating? This plan gives you two great levels of support based on your needs, each with the potential to make lasting changes in your life in a short amount of time. Right from our first call, you’ll begin to master proven techniques that neutralize and eliminate stress almost instantly! You’ll know how to stop cravings, emotional eating, and yelling before they start. “Crabby mom” and late night mom-guilt binges will be in the rear- view mirror, and when you look in your mirror, you will feel confident, calm, and proud of what you’ve accomplished.


Happy and Healthy Course

Prefer to learn and progress on your own without the added personal coaching? With The Happy Mom Toolkit, you’ll learn how to focus on Y-O-U and become confident in unpacking the reasons WHY you yell, WHY you feel crappy about yourself much of the time, and WHY you eat emotionally. More importantly, you’ll learn how to conquer BOTH with simple steps that you can put into action right away. You'll master proven short and long term techniques that will put you on the path to peaceful parenting, kids who listen well, the first time, and feeling great when you look in the mirror.

30 days to being a permanent transformation of your life.

Daily emails and lessons that are easily digestible and easy to apply right away/

Two live group coaching Q and A calls per month.