Beth Before and After Pictures.png


I’m happy that you want to still be a part of my tribe. In case you wonder why the before and after pictures above. . . .

I’ll tell you. ;o) I will be switching over the focus of my programs and coaching to focus on helping YOU say goodbye to stress and stress or emotional eating! The woman you see on the left was content but let stress get to her and spent way too much time on the diet and exercise roller coaster with little to no results. Truth be told, the scale just kept going higher and higher along with the stress of juggling motherhood and work. That picture was taken at a business convention in Orlando when I was at my heaviest. I still remember how swollen my ankles were and how icky I felt in my skin.

The picture on the right is a totally different story. . . .I’m relaxed (it’s the beach…duh!!!!) and I feel great in my skin and know the secrets to living a happy and healthy life. The techniques I’ve learned have been a total game changer! Am I perfect? Not even close!!! But I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT SHARING MY SUCCESSES WITH YOU SO YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THIS FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS AS WELL! When you are feeling your best, there is just a cascading effect throughout your household; life’s challenges become much easier to navigate; you become happier; and things just seem to fall into place.

I will be sharing simple, yet profound techniques that, once you learn, you can use them forever to DITCH THE STRESS, LOSE THE WEIGHT, AND LOVE YOUR LIFE!

PS: Don’t worry. If you’ve already enrolled in my parenting programs, they will still be there for you. If I promised you grandfathered enrollment in my new program, yep, that will still be honored as well.