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How to Discover Your Best Parenting Style

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Wonder how avoid losing your cool when your kids won’t listen? 

  • Do you feel like you’re talking to the wall sometimes?  

  • Is it infuriating when your kids tune you out? 

  • Do you ever cringe when you hear yourself yelling at your child and fear that you've become your mother?  
  • Have you ever wished for magic fairy dust to make your children listen the FIRST TIME?  

Well, you're not alone! We've all been there and questioned our parenting techniques at one time or another. The best first step you can take (short of the fairy godmother and her fairy dust) is to figure out your default parenting style.


Once you know where you are, you can create a path to where you want to go!

Take my FREE parenting style quiz that will help you identify your default parenting style.  

Once you figure that out, you're in the driver's seat to make little changes, and become the mom you know your kids need! 


Hey there, I'm Beth. 

I've been helping moms like you for more than 10 years! Once I figured out the secret of how to yell less and enjoy motherhood more, I put it to use raising my four kids. We went from yelling and melt downs to a peaceful home with happy kids and a calm parenting style. I went back to school and got a doctorate with a focus on families and children, and I've been helping moms ever since!



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