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Your ticket to less stress and a peaceful household with kids who listen and obey the first time.


I get how stressful parenting can be....and how mom-stress can cause you to eat, drink, and do anything so you don’t blow your stack with the kiddos! I’ve been there and done that.

Rev up with coffee in the morning; chill out with wine at night. And did I mention Doritos and Ben and Jerry’s? Two of my favorite stress relievers. Once I found out the secrets to overcoming stress, overwhelm, and emotional eating, I vowed to share them with others, and I’ve been helping moms like you ever since!

I’ve also developed techniques that work really well with kids, too.

Now that I'm on the other side of the overwhelm, frustration, misbehavior, and backtalk, I want to share with you my plan that works!  

Imagine how great you’d feel to actually understand what’s going on inside those pint-sized noggins (and the tween variety as well) and respond so your kids listen better and cooperate! 

Your Attitude Reboot for Kids will help you:  

  • Prevent sibling squabbles before they start!

  • Side step power struggles!

  • Dramatically reduce melt-down potential!

All without yelling, bribing, or mom-guilt!  (and the emotional/stress eating that can accompany those emotions)

This one time offer with an AMAZING DISCOUNT off of the regular price of $57.  

Not $37----not $27.

Right now, you can get the attitude reboot you need for your kids for just $17.  

This is the ONLY TIME you'll see this special pricing: JUST $17 to learn my best secrets to reduce power struggles and get your kids to listen right away! 

This is a full coaching program.  

And, like all my coching programs, it's guaranteed for s full 30 days! That's how confident I am that this Attitude Reboot will work for you and your kids! 

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