Thank you so much for serving as my coach and accountability partner. You’ve made a big difference in my life; you are never judgmental.  You offer sound advice without making me feel judged or condemned…..even when some “redirecting” is required.  You have a gift of putting people at ease.  You are easy to talk to, nice, genuine…I always feel comfortable opening up to you.  You are a busy mom, wife….managing a household, family, work dealing with normal family/kid/work issues.  You can also relate to home school families, people pursing advanced degrees in their “spare” time, etc., etc. You've helped me tons in so many areas of my life! 


Praise you, Beth! You love Jesus and have a passion to touch lives through Him. I know that you support each and every one of us through lots of prayer. You consistently give insightful wisdom. Raw honesty! You approach your coaching with openness and transparency and listen as much as you speak. Thank you! 


Thanks so much for checking in.  I am doing well!  Working one-on-one with you was a great experience for me.  I would say that I have noticed the most healing exactly where I was hoping I would — with my anger with my children.  I know it’s only been a couple weeks, but I have not had an outburst since.”-