Do you feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of frustration, overwhelm, and emotional eating?


Each day/week/month you say you’ll start over, but yet you still get sucked back into old habits. You go from yelling and guilt, emotional eating, promises to do better, back to yelling and guilt, polishing off a bag of cookies or box of donuts, and wind up feeling hopeless. Sometimes when you hear yourself, you feel like you've become your mother. You feel your stress levels rise, and your jeans are getting tighter (or you just stick to leggings so you won’t notice!). You feel bad about yourself and worry that you’re a bad mom.

It doesn't have to be this way!  With my help, you can end this cycle NOW with proven techniques that work right away, so you’ll confidently stroll on over to the path of peaceful parenting, feeling great as a mom, with happy kids who listen and behave better more of the time. 




Let’s work together!

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Happy & Healthy 4 Life Personal Online Coaching

Are you committed to make a total transformation in your stress-level, parenting, and/or emotional eating? Personal one-to-one coaching will radically change the way you manage stress; you will be empowered, and yelling and binge eating will become a distant memory. You will have a new, positive view of yourself, your family, and your life.

Right from our first call, you’ll begin to master proven techniques that neutralize and eliminate stress almost instantly! You’ll know how to stop cravings, emotional eating, and yelling before they start. “Crabby mom” and late night mom-guilt binges will be in the rear- view mirror, and when you look in your mirror, you will feel confident, calm, and proud of what you’ve accomplished.

I only accept a very limited number of clients as this is only for people who are totally serious about making a transformation. It’s a big commitment but one where I am confident I can help you succeed!

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Weight-Loss Activation Code

Your key to so much more than weight loss! Personalized twice-a month group coaching, daily inspirations sent to your inbox, and a guided course will allow you to beat emotional eating and mom-stress with proven techniques.

You’ll be able to progress through the course at your own pace and have live support from me twice a month. When you work with me, I am your biggest supporter and advocate. Within the group, you’ll also have peers to share both your struggles and successes with.

On our group calls, you will have a chance to work with me, practice some of the techniques we’ve learned, and get answers to questions you may have about emotional or stress eating (they’re totally different), mom-stress, or just how to feel more happiness each day. Together we work to eliminate your toughest challenges with motherhood and emotional eating and replace them with positive stress management and self-care practices.