Are you SO
ready to say goodbye to stress and emotional eating?
Love who you are, how you look and how you feel!



Ready for a change?

  • Are you stressed about your weight and fitness level?

  • Does that stress spill over into all aspects of your life?

  • Do you gravitate towards specific comfort foods when you need a mood boost?

  • Do you binge or eat emotionally when you’re stressed?

  • Have you tried every diet and fitness plan under the sun but still feel stuck?

  • Do you worry that your kids pick up on both your stress and your eating habits?

  • Do you always seem to encounter roadblocks every time you try to get in shape and lose weight?

The fastest path to shedding the fat and feeling great is to focus on who you are BEING rather than just focusing on what you are doing. Yes, exercise and diet are important, BUT until you’ve removed your WEIGHT-LOSS ROADBLOCKS, you can jog, spin, and diet your way into oblivion without making lasting change.

Loving your body and dropping fat with ease can happen quickly when your personal, powerful energy is uncovered. As you uncover and remove your weight-loss roadblocks, you’ll be free of excess fat, stress, and limiting beliefs that can act like quicksand to your motivation.


There’s hope…

Becoming the very best version of yourself means letting go of everything that is not authentically you. . . shedding patterns and beliefs that might define you at the moment but that DON’T BELONG TO YOU. . .

  • the fears

  • the anger

  • past heartbreaks

  • self-sabotaging patterns

  • limiting beliefs

  • doubts

  • your regrets

You can white-knuckle it for a while and maybe even lose a few pounds, but creating lasting and positive change requires a totally different energy—your unique energy—that will be free to shine through once you have shed the roadblocks that have been holding you back.

Magic can happen…

If magic can happen for me, it can happen for you!

I know how it feels to think that you’re destined to struggle, never feel thin, never be good enough. I also know that it’s possible to permanently shed the limiting beliefs and emotions that hold you back. I’ve deposited these LIES so far in the past that they no longer show up in my rear view mirror or affect me today. . . and it all happened much quicker than I ever could have imagined.

Through a UNIQUE COMBINATION OF TECHNIQUES, I completely got rid of the roadblocks that had been holding me back. In a very short amount of time, I was able to fearlessly love myself and my BEING, my strengths and weaknesses, and OWN my purpose---and not be crippled by what others thought of me. And then, diet exercise, and gratitude were easy. The unwanted fat melted away right along with the limiting beliefs.


  • I went from people-pleasing to owning my essence and being content with who I was.

  • I was able to successfully maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

  • I learned to confidently putting myself first with firm boundaries in place.

  • I felt free to love myself and even freer to show God’s love to others.

  • I was able to separate emotions from food and not binge or stress eat.

  • I started new daily routines, dropped fat and I feel great!

  • I was happier. . .all the time.

  • My relationships with others improved.

  • I got clear on the things that were most important to me.

  • I was able to leave a crappy job that was sucking the life out of me and pursue my purpose work instead.

Like me, you’ll be able to EMBRACE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, let go of past events and triggers, ditch the stress, and watch the FAT MELT AWAY as you FEEL AND LOOK YOUR BEST! It’s possible to put past events and resulting emotions SO FAR BEHIND YOU that you can’t even see them in the rear view mirror, they’re that gone!!!!

I can show you how TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND YOUR BODY naturally and permanently, so you’ll be free to be you, to LOVE LIFE, LOSE WEIGHT, and THRIVE!



Happy Clients

More Happy clients

Here's what Rachel had to say after her family coaching - "My kids listen better, and we are a happier family." Yay!
As a mom to two young boys, I yelled a lot! They would pitch a fit. I would yell, and things would go downhill from there! Now, yelling and anger are a thing of the past; my kids listen better, and we are a happier family. Thank you!
Here's what Jackie had to say after going through our parenting coaching, "I've grown so strong and she's doing great!."
Thank you for coaching me and my daughter. Things were spiraling out of control, and I felt so helpless before we worked with you. I wanted you to know that I’ve grown so strong, and she’s doing great….I remember that you would say to me that I was a strong warrior and the Mama Bear... I’m proud to say, you were right! God is good!


Hi, I’,m Beth!


I love Jesus, puppies, and children. When I’m not behind my desk with a dog at my feet, you’ll find me hiking, kayaking, or enjoying long walks on the beach.

I've been helping women like you for more than 10 years! I can show you how to conquer stress, end emotional eating and learn to confidently put yourself first, so you’ll feel your best, lose the mommy-weight for good, and go through each day with ease!

Because I’ve been where you are-wanting to please people, without healthy boundaries, always putting others before myself, hating what I saw when I looked in the mirror-I know how discouraging that can feel. Like running on empty and not knowing how to fill up your tank.

I also can promise you that learning to put yourself first is actually the least selfish thing you can do! How can you pour from an empty cup? I can show you simple techniques that you can use every day that will transform your life!

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