Epic Mom Mentorship

  • Mom, are you stuck in what feels like a never ending cycle of kid-misbehavioroverwhelm, yelling, and #momguilt?

  • Do you feel alone and like nobody understands what your life has become? 

  • Do you wish your kids would listen and behave the first time, and that you'd ditch the overwhelm, stop yelling, and enjoy motherhood more? 


Do you feel like your dreams of motherhood feel more like a nightmare?. You’re tired all the time, you haven’t washed your hair in a week, and if you step on Legos one more time, ARGHHHH! Worse, you feel bad when you yell and worry that you’re a bad mom. 

- OR -

Maybe you’re a working mom and really struggle with juggling the responsibilities of both motherhood and work. You want to ace both, but you feel like you’re getting a C+ in one and a D- in the other. You’re overwhelmed and tired. All. The. Time. You wonder if it will ever get any better. And you worry that you’re the only one who feels like this.

- OR -

Maybe you felt super confident and prepared to be a mom, but then your kids gave you a reality check. Your kids misbehave; you feel overwhelmed and yell, then you feel bad and spoil them to make up for it; then they act bratty and you feel the tension building up until BAM!!! You snap! And the cycle of disobedienceyelling, and #momguilt continues! Over and over again. You're overwhelmed and worry that things will never get better.


✔︎ What you want more than anything is kids who listen the first time. so you can enjoy motherhood more. You want to be a confident, happy mom who doesn’t yell.

✔︎ You long to find a way to ditch frustration, overwhelm, and #momguilt for good. 

✔︎ You want to feel confident as a mom and have effective ways of dealing with the pressures that come with motherhood. 

✔︎ You want to raise thoughtful and respectful kids who listen and behave better. 

✔︎ You want to react calmly and peacefully with your children so they feel secure and learn good communication skills.


You may think that:

  • “Tiredness and overwhelm is just something I need to put up with.
    It’s selfish for me to take care of myself. My kids have to come first, even if that means that I don’t do things to make myself feel better. The only problem is that over time, my frustration builds up, and then when they act up, I snap at them! Then the guilt takes over, and I spoil them, since, after all, it’s not about me; it’s about them. I just don't see a way out of this cycle.” 

  • Yelling is the only way to get my kids to listen and behave.
    They just don't 'hear' me if I don't yell. My mom yelled; her mom yelled. I don’t want to spank, so yelling is the next best way to let them know who’s boss. And even though yelling makes me feel bad, I’ll just have to learn to live with it, and besides, I make it up to them later.” Hello, #Momguilt!


  • Overwhelm is just something that comes with mom territory,
    just like peanut butter in my hair or on the butt of my new jeans. As a mom, I feel like I have to do everything. Cooking, cleaning, working, kid chauffeur. . . . it’s all part of my job, and I want to be a good mom.  Maybe I could outsource some things, but then I’d feel like I was failing somehow, you know? Don’t good moms do it all? Perfectly? All the time? And look great doing it?”

“I’ve read lots of books, signed up for courses, and asked everyone and their dog for advice, so why do I still feel this way?”

Maybe it’s because most books and courses focus on one-size-fits-all solutions that are said to work like magic. If kid does this, parent should say that, and kid should respond this way. Now, when you’re talking generalities and averages, those formulas might just work. . . some of the time. . . a tiny bit of the time. . . for some moms and kids? The problem is that you and your children are anything but cookie cutter; you’re unique individuals and have a relationship that’s different from every other mom-child relationship on earth.  It’s no wonder that cookie cutter approaches don’t always work, since they’re based on generalities and not focused on you and your special relationship with your child.

Maybe it’s also because most parenting programs also focus on the kids first rather than supporting and equipping moms. In an airplane, one of the first safety instructions they give is to put on YOUR oxygen mask in case of emergency FIRST, then to help your child. When you are prepared, you are better equipped to help others. 


Parenting is no different.

As a mom, when you take care of you first, you become the mom your kids need. When you develop your parenting skills, and learn to take time for yourself, you set the tone for everyone in your household. And then life gets better. 



My passion is to equip and empower moms to reach their potential as parents, have kids who listen and behave better, ditch overwhelm and #momguilt, yell less, so they can enjoy motherhood more! I've been working with moms and families professionally for more than 15 years. 

I’ve also successfully and happily raised four kids to adulthood, and they are all wonderful, successful adults who relate to others with empathy and thoughtfulness.

I love, love, love being a mom, and I enjoy helping my daughter with her four littles.

In addition to personal and practical experience, I hold a doctorate with a focus on children and families. In 2013, I formalized things even more and became a certified life coach through CTA (Coach Training Alliance) so I could better coach moms. 

My mothering journey has not all been flowers and sunshine though... 

Things went OK with child #1. . .mostly easy, peasy. #2 gave me a run for my money. Can you say hyper? Swinging from the chandelier kind of hyper? Then child #3 came along. Oh! My! Goodness! This one broke the mold, and made it clear that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing as a mom. Any confidence that I had gained with the first two flew out the window! I found myself trying anything and everything to parent him and defaulted to the way I had been raised, which involved yelling and spanking followed by guilt, overwhelm, and hopelessness. Baby #4 just added to the chaos.  So I can relate to the frustration you feel; I've been there! 

This experience, though, taught me a lot. My child (#3) who was just “more” off everything—more hyper, more aggravating, more high maintenance, more naughty, more sweet and loving (yes, there were positive aspects to the “more”) was they key to changing my approach and, honestly, changing my life! 


I want you to benefit from the mistakes that I made and the successes I’ve had.

When you work with me, I will coach you from a perspective of empathy and experience,  and show you how you, too, can have kids who listen and behave better, so you'll  yell less and enjoy motherhood more. 


Imagine your children listening as you speak calmly from a place of strength and confidence.

Imagine waking up each morning loving what you do and being so happy to be a mom.

Imagine feeling good about your parenting abilities & trusting that you are the perfect mom for your children

Imagine what it feels like to ditch the frustration and overwhelm and kiss #momguilt goodbye for good! 

Imagine having a peaceful home with thoughtful kids who listen and behave better


With my one on one coaching,
you will receive:

📆 Personalized attention
from moi for 12 weeks

☎️ 6 one-hour phone calls


💌 Unlimited email follow-ups
during our time together

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Here are some of the things previous clients have worked on, but remember, you can set the agenda and discuss anything your heart desires! 

  • How to handle bad attitudes from the kiddos (and how to detox both you and your kids from attitudes that you’ve just resigned yourself to accepting.

  • Actionable strategies that you can put to work ASAP for both you and your family to start each day with anticipation that it will be a great one! 
  • Step by step guidelines to solve the priority puzzle that so many of us seem to be caught up in these days. How to go from hustle and hassle to peace and positivity.
  • An easily implemented plan to strengthen your faith and better equip you to pass it on to your children. 
  • How to attract more positive behaviors and happiness into your life and into your kids’ attitudes.
  • Proven long term strategies and techniques to help you and your kids remove emotional blocks and manage stress easily over the long haul. 
  • Easy to implement steps to pass on the baton of faith to your children and to make sure that they understand the why behind your values, rules, and beliefs.
Thank you for coaching me and my daughter. Things were spiralling out of control, and I felt so helpless before we worked with you. I wanted you to know that I’ve grown so strong, and she’s doing great….I remember that you would say to me that I was a strong warrior and the Mama Bear... I’m proud to say, you were right! God is good!
— Jackie
As a mom to two young boys, I yelled a lot! They would pitch a fit. I would yell, and things would go downhill from there! Now, yelling and anger are a thing of the past; my kids listen better, and we are a happier family. Thank you!




See how Kellie went from feeling anxious and insecure as a working mom to improved relationships and going through each day with greater confidence! She now has the skills to recognize triggers and stop them before they affect her!



Rosemarie went from feeling anxious and unhappy to feeling empowered, peaceful, and calm. Her emotional eating is also now a distant memory!



Kelli feels like she’s gotten her life back! She no longer self-soothes with food! Her confidence has increased, and she’s no longer haunted by events of her past!


So how is the Epic Mom Mentorship different than other life coaching or counseling?

First of all, my coaching begins with the premise that you ARE the best mom for your kids and that you HAVE what it takes to raise them well. It may just be that your potential needs to be coaxed out from beneath layers of limiting beliefs that you have unconsciously developed over your lifetime. 

When you work with me, I am your biggest supporter and advocate. You set the agenda for what we want to talk about and the family issues you feel you need support with. Together we collaborate and develop the container of possibilities for your life and mothering. You CAN be the mom your kids need now, and you CAN ditch overwhelm, frustration, and mom guilt, so that you’ll enjoy motherhood and have kids who listen and obey the first time, more often. I'm here to help you make that happen. 

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What is your experience?

First of all, I raised four kids of my own, and now help out with the grand-littles. I’ve worked on my own as a certified life coach since 2013. Before that, I served as a children’s director and family ministries director in area churches, where I coached many parents and children. The main focus of my doctorate (DMin, Doctor of Ministry) is also children and families. In short, I’ve got tons of experience, both on my own and professionally.  I approach all of my coaching relationships with love and respect. 

Do you guarantee results?

Because coaching is a partnership between coach and client, there is no way to promise or guarantee a specific outcome. What I can guarantee is that I will show up and do my part 100% to help you achieve your goals and move from point A to point B. Lasting results come when you, the client, take action and make changes in your parenting. I'm here to help you make that happen. 

What if I want to discuss something that is outside of the typical structure of your coaching? 

As your coach, I work for you! You are free to set the agenda according to your needs. The agenda I shared here is only a guideline. You are in charge! We can approach things from whatever point/perspective you are comfortable with and work on whatever areas you feel most strongly about. 

What makes one-on-one coaching better than a course or book?

One-on-one coaching is a unique and creative collaboration between the coach and client.  That’s where the magic can happen. The PERSONALIZED ATTENTION that you get with one on one coaching can help you uncover your strengths, and the areas of limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.  Together, we will help you discover your parenting zone of genius, stop yelling, lose the overwhelm, and enjoy motherhood more! 


You have a choice:

You can keep struggling with the cycle of tantrums, backtalk, overwhelm, yelling, and mom guilt, and do your best to overcome it on your own, or you can hop off the #momguilt merry-go-round and into a place of peaceful parenting, where kids obey and act thoughtful, you yell less and enjoy motherhood more!

It’s time to say hello to a happy family! 




✔️Six private coaching calls over 12 weeks

✔️Unlimited email follow-ups each month

✔️Text and Messenger support from Beth

➕PAY IN FULL BONUS: The Happy Mom Toolkit


4 x $297

✔️Six private coaching calls over 12 weeks

✔️Unlimited email follow-ups each month

✔️Text and Messenger support from Beth