How to Have a Positive Attitude Around Your Kids

(And the positive example this sets for your kids!)

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I read a Facebook post from a friend the other day that shared how in the midst of having a crappy day, she bumped into an older gentleman and struck up a conversation that really made her pause and rethink her own attitude. Plus, she took some time to get to know him, listen to his story, and show him some compassion, which hopefully left him feeling a bit better. That same day, while I was on a long walk, I also bumped into an elderly gentleman who was apparently recovering from surgery and who was thrilled just to be able to walk 50 feet on the sidewalk. He and I chatted for a few minutes, and I encouraged him with a positive attitude and wished him well.

It's so easy to get so fixated on our own problems that we miss opportunities to bless others. And in missing those opportunities, we also miss out on the personal blessings that come with sowing little seeds of happiness in the lives of others.  

When we turn our focus outward instead of inward, and allow joy, happiness, and compassion to flow through us, we naturally become more joyful, compassionate, and happier! We also set an example for our children about the benefits of kindness and a positive attitude.

My kids started learning this when they were young. Together we drove an elderly woman home from the grocery store, sat and talked with a homeless lady about her life, and always seemed to be magnets for lost pets, and would keep them safe until we found their owners.

I still have a picture that Joshua painted when he was around 5 or so that says "May all my words be like little presents!" And for the most part, he and my other kids have carried this tradition on and have become kind and compassionate adults.

How to Have a Positive Attitude Around Your Kids

Here is what I have taught my children about having a positive attitude, and I try to practice what I preach in front of them.

  • There's never a reason not to be kind or respond politely.

  • Look for opportunities to show God's love to others - this can be as simple as a smile and a hello! Or holding a door open for someone.

  • Forgive others when they do something or say something not nice to you. Holding onto grudges only makes us focus more on ourselves and wallow more in our misery. Let it go! There's truth to the statement that "hurt people hurt people." Seldom do we know what is going on in the lives of others.

  • By being kind and sowing these seeds of compassion and kindness, we actually help ourselves.

  • When we focus on kindness and compassion, we will literally notice and experience more kindness and compassion ourselves. Like attracts like.

After I wrote this, just last night, Joshua brought this exact topic up in discussing how he responds to others (😍😍 Warms a momma's heart!) and kind of lamented that others don't return the favor. That led us to a discussion on the fact that we don't need those kindnesses reciprocated  in order to benefit from handing out nuggets of happiness. 🎁 It's its own reward!

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