How to Easily Lose Weight and Feel Great as a Busy Mom

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I’ve always been passionate about exercise; it just makes me feel good! These past few years have been challenging to me as I’ve spent more time sitting behind a computer and less time chasing the littles around. I finally determined that I had to make a change and get back into an exercise routine that I could do consistently.

To paraphrase Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, "Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy; happy happy people don’t shoot their husband or yell at their kids; they just don't!" (OK, she didn't say it quite like that, but the same principle applies.)

Exercise is definitely one of the habits I recommend, simply because of how good it can make you feel. So I decided to practice what I preach more consistently and see what kind of a difference it could make in my life!

When my firstborn was a baby, although it took me literally 9 months to lose the baby weight, I did lose it. What I did then for exercise was to walk walk walk, pushing her in the stroller. We had so many great adventures, many with her snoozing, but great adventures none the less. I literally wore holes in my sneakers because I walked so much!

I've done other types of exercise over the years, but I started wondering if maybe walking consistently was the key to feeling good and keeping my weight in check. It worked then, why not now?!

Last year for Christmas, I got an Apple Watch, and have used the exercise tracker ever since. I aim for at least 30 minutes of walking or other exercise each day.

I actually have lost weight as well. Not a ton but consistently, little by little, each week, I lose weight. And I feel great! In your quest to be a happy mom, and fit into your skinny jeans or bathing suit, I think exercise (specifically walking) ranks near the top of daily habits you should cultivate so that you'll feel more energetic, happier, and calmer overall. Anyone can do it. It takes no special equipment. You can walk with the kids and/or the dog.

How to Easily Lose Weight and Feel Great as a Busy Mom

Here's what I've found:

  • A 30 minute brisk walk or about a 3 mile casual stroll to start your day or at lunchtime is key.

  • If you feel your not in shape or are time-crunched, start with a shorter stroll and work your way up to a longer one.

  • If you work at a desk job, make sure to get up and stand or walk around for 1 to 2 minutes each hour. If you work from home, just drop to the floor and do ten pushups, sit-ups, or burpees. I am living proof that this is possible!

  • Train yourself to eat consciously and to eat food that your body needs to nourish itself.

  • Make sure to stay hydrated. Often, we mistake thirst for hunger, and that’s when we tend to overeat. Have a glass of water first; wait a bit, and then eat if you’re still hungry.

  • Doing this consistently WILL make you feel better and lose weight over time! Pinky promise!

  • Find ways to manage stress; stress hormones are not your friend and work against you when it comes to weight loss.

**Another great stress relieving/exercise inducing skill that I’ve mastered (and become certified at coaching) is EFT Tapping, specifically to lose weight. You can find out more about my Private Online Coaching here.

I’ll be offering some FREE craving buster sessions soon. Until then, walk, walk, walk! You won’t regret it!

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