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Do you ever struggle with being a happy Mom? Ever worry that you're doing it all wrong? Are there days when you let it get to you, yell, and then feel awful?  Is there just no time for you to take care of yourself because you're so busy taking care of everyone else? 

Well, you're not alone.

I remember my own struggle to be both a good mom and a happy mom. I suspected it wasn't  possible to be both....especially at the same time. And I felt like I had no time to take care of me.

Everyone seemed so eager to offer advice on all aspects of parenting, but much of that advice was contradictory to other advice. And besides, my kids hadn't read the books on "perfect" parenting and didn't know how they were "supposed" to respond to my discipline and guidance. I purchased libraries full of books and found little nuggets here and there but didn't find one "method" that worked for me in its entirety. 

I knew which parenting style made the most sense to me, and so I just plucked bits and pieces of knowledge from books and then went from my gut with what felt right. I forged my own path through the slog of frustration, exhaustion, tantrums, disobedience to happy mom land,  and along the way, I discovered  peaceful parenting as well. And I never looked back! 

Now, with my kids grown, and happy, successful adults with great compassion for others, I'm ready to pass on to you everything that I learned through trial and error.

Because I know you're a busy mom, I've taken all my tools, tips, and tricks and put it into bite sized lessons that you can listen to when it fits YOUR schedule. The Happy Mom Workshop comes with a workbook, worksheets, and both video and audio files for your convenience. All at an investment that will have you doing a happy dance! 

Are you ready to make an investment in yourself so you can learn to ditch the overwhelm, yelling, and #momguilt, and confidently parent your kids in a way that is both peaceful and present.  You'll have access to key info that I use with my one-on-line, private coaching clients. It'll help you leap from the land of overwhelm and frustration and into a place of peaceful parenting with less yelling and kids who listen and behave better. Pinky promise! 

Ready? Let's go! 

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Hi, I'm Beth. I help busy moms ditch the overwhelm and gain confidence, so they can enjoy parenting more, yell less, and have peaceful kids and a happy family.

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