5 Simple Ways to Become a Happy Mom

Motherhood isn’t always easy. You’re on call 24/7; you don’t get days off; and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are a few simple mindset changes you can make, though, that will make you feel happy and more confident. Read more here: https://www.epicfamilies.com/blog/become-a-happier-mom

Motherhood isn’t always easy. And you're definitely not always a happy mom. You’re on call 24/7, you don’t get days off, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are a few simple mindset changes you can make, though, that will make you feel happy and more confident.

Don’t worry about things you can’t control; instead focus on things you can control, you’ll be much happier and equipped to enjoy life and motherhood more.

5 Simple Ways to Become a Happy Mom

1. Take Care of Y.O.U.

Eat well, hydrate, and exercise.

So many times when we feel crappy, it’s because we’re either hangry or we’re dehydrated.  We get so busy as moms that it’s really easy to forget to nurture ourselves. Try to keep snacks and water handy so you can zap that hangry monster before he takes over!

Never underestimate the power of exercise, a little or a lot, to make you feel happy and energized! Even just five minutes of jogging in place or jumping jacks can lift your mood!

To quote Elle Brooks from Legally Blonde, "Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy; happy people just don't shoot their husbands; they just don’t!"

To become a happy mom, it's so important to get a little rest and relaxation in, however you like to do that. Here are some of my favorite ways!

2. Love

Love yourself first. What? Wouldn’t that be selfish? Not at all.

When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” he kind of confirmed that we should love ourselves first. How can you love others well if you don’t love yourself?

You can’t love others until you love yourself, and that includes your partner, kids, the dog, and the crabby guy next door. Love yourself first and then let that love flow to others.

3. Do Good

When we focus on helping others and being kind, it takes the focus off of ourselves and puts our focus on others. Plus, it feels good to make a positive impact on someone's day!

There are many things in this category that you can do together as a family. There are tons of things we can do in the course of our day, both little and big. Smile. Hold open a door. Bake cookies for a neighbor. Sponsor a child or help out at a shelter.

Doing good makes us feel good and teaches our kids the value of being kind!

4. Forgive

As Elsa sings in Frozen, “Let it go! Let it go!” It’s true!! When you refuse to forgive, you only hurt yourself!

When you cling to bitterness and unforgiveness, they will take root and squeeze out your joy. We were not meant to bear the burdens of bitterness and unforgiveness. The deeds of bad people have a way of coming back around to haunt them.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but what goes around comes around.

Trust in the process. Call it Karma. Call it sowing and reaping. But why obsess over something we can’t control? We can control whether we forgive or not. Let it go! And feel your mood lighten!

5. Ditch the Negatives in Your Life

Even though forgiving others is good for you, that doesn’t mean you need to leave yourself in crappy situations. Get rid of or make plans to move on from negative people, jobs, or situations in your life. Ditch the situations and people that make you feel bad about yourself and cultivate the more positive aspects of your life.

Celebrate you!

You are unique! You are fabulous! And you are the perfect happy mom for your kids!

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