The Best Way to Get Your Kids to Listen

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"How do I get my kids to listen?" This is a question I get asked nearly every day. Here are my top tips 😊

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Hi, Epic Families! Welcome, I’m Beth Meltzer and I just wanted to thank you for stopping by today. One of the questions I get asked the most by moms is, what do I do to get my kids to listen? So, today I wanted to give you 5 quick tips that I have found that work the best - and it's things that are simple that you can put to use right away. Ready?

1. Make sure that you have regular communication with your kids throughout the day.

Don't only speak to them when you're telling them to do something or reprimanding them for something. I know that it's really easy since we're all so busy to just go through our day and then just bark orders at our children rather than taking the time to sit down with them and see how their day is going. 

2. Make sure that you speak calmly to them.

So often, if we are yelling at our kids (and that's easy to do as well), pretty soon they tune out our voice and we sound like that Charlie Brown character Miss Othmar. You know, where you didn't know what she was saying - "wah, wah, wah" is what she sounded like. That's what we sound like to our kids if we are yelling all the time, so speak calmly to them and save yelling for true emergencies, like if your child is about to run in front of a car or something like that.

3. Make sure that they repeat back to you what you have said.

I think that we just assume that because we are saying something, our kids hear us the first time. That's not always the case. I know boys definitely don't. They have less hearing abilities and girls do often times as well, but a lot of the time, kids are just so involved in what they are doing that they truly don't hear us because they're focused. So have them repeat back what it is that you told them to do or asked them not to do.

4. Give them a reasonable amount of time to comply.

Now, this doesn't mean becoming a pushover parent and allowing them to just never do what it is that you asked them to do, but what it does mean is allowing them time to transition from what it is that they are playing with or doing. To us, it's just child's play, but to them that's their work - that's how they learn and it's not realistic, nor is it kind to expect them to just jump right off of what they're doing just because we said to. So give them a short amount of time that is reasonable to stop what they are doing and then come over and do whatever it is that you had asked them to do.

5. Finally, make sure that you check in with each of your children at the end of the day, whether it is with a bedtime story, a good night kiss and a bedtime prayer.

My kids used to call them special prayers and they would say, 'come give me a special prayer mom,' and I still remember a lot of those moments very fondly, so just make sure that you check in with them at night too.

If you put these five tips to work, over time, I can pinky promise you that your kids will listen to you better the first time.

Now, if you're a mom and you feel stuck, you've tried all the programs, but you feel your kids still don't listen and you get frustrated and overwhelmed a lot and nothing seems to work - I can help. I've helped dozens and dozens of moms over the years and their families to go from a place of yelling and overwhelm to a place of thoughtful, well-behaved kids who listen better the first time and a mom who is just a happy mom.

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