Adventures with Boys

One weekend, we took a trip with our three boys to NYC. Now, our boys are older, what many would consider adults.   Well, as soon as we buckled up with the three of them in the back seat, they reverted to toddlerhood... For. The. Entire. Drive. Read more here:

Do you ever feel like you've been transported back in time when you get all your older kids together? One weekend, we took a trip with our three boys to NYC. Now, our boys are older, teens and young adults. Periodically, we will take them all with us on a vacation or long weekend. Invariably, they revert to toddlerhood in so many ways. I think it's their way of bonding! ;o) 

 Before we even left, two of them decided to have a slap contest (and the older one slapped pretty hard).  And as soon as they buckled up (very close, I might add) in the back seat, they teased and messed with each other. For. The. Entire. Drive. It was like they were preschoolers again, bonding in a way that young brothers do sometimes. "(He's too close to me!" "He's touching me!"" Who farted?") I literally had flashbacks to long drives with them when they were know the type of drives where you're just praying they'll fall asleep so you'll have a few minutes of quiet? It makes me smile to think about it, as I know the times like this that we get to spend together are limited as they are all getting older and leaving the nest. 

We got a fabulous room at the hotel with a large balcony (by midnight I was ready to make some of them sleep out there. Two boys in the double pull out sofa, one on a roll away. Hubby finally resorted to bedtime stories to get them to settle down. Flashbacks again, only this time we were trying to cram much larger boys into a single hotel room and stop them from giggling, teasing, and just being brothers. 

We spent three days showing them the sights in this amazing city, which we used to call home in our pre-baby days. We literally walked the distance of a marathon taking everything in. You can read about some of the things we did here. All in all, it was a wonderful adventure, and I cherished the time that I got to spend with them all!

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My thoughts on this:

1. Boys will always be boys, no matter how old they are.
2. Brothers can't stop themselves from teasing each other.
3. Even though brothers tease, they still love each other deeply. 
4. Time with our kids is precious, no matter how old they are.
5. Perfection is the enemy of enjoyment.
6. Good memories will stay with us all forever.

Enjoy making memories of your own. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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