How to stop letting stress get the best of you!

Reclaim your calm in just 5 minutes!


Ever feel like you're just seconds away from losing it?  

  • Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed many times a day?

  • You don't want to yell, but you feel the shouting bubbling up even as you're trying to stay calm. 

  • Do you sometimes find yourself munching away mindlessly at chips or cookies until the whole bag is gone? Yet you still feel overwhelmed?

You're not alone! We've all been there. The best thing you can do for yourself when you feel you're about to lose it is to give yourself a time out! In just 5 minutes, you can take a productive and healthy time out so you feel refreshed and ready to take all that the day throws at you!


Yes! You heard me right!

A grown-up time out can be an amazing way to reclaim your cool , feel refreshed, and ready to take on anything the day dishes out!  

And you can feel better in JUST FIVE MINUTES! That's all it takes! And we all can carve out five minutes. Many days, we can find 2 X 5 minutes or 3 or 4 X 5 minutes.  

In this FREE guide, I share my very favorite adult time outs so you can feel great and let your inner happy chic rule! 💖 

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Hey there, I'm Beth. 

I've been helping moms like you for more than 10 years! Once I figured out the secrets to ditch overwhelm and stress, attract abundance, and lost unwanted habits and weight, I put it to use with amazing resultsI I also went back to school and got my doctorate along with Life Coach and Weight Loss Coach certification, and I've been helping moms ever since!



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